Vocdoni Roots MTÜ is a non-profit organization
leaded by a multidisciplinary international team
of experts in technology, business, finance and opensource software.

Our mission

To develop and integrate the necessary tools to enable privacy-centric sovereign digital governance with a 5-layer "Open Sovereign Democracy Stack":

What we are building

The Vocdoni Platform

The first milestone for the Vocdoni Roots MTÜ is to provide solution on those layers of the Open Sovereign Democracy Stack which do not have (yet) solution (Layers 2 to 5). We named this project "Vocdoni" which means "to give voice" in Esperanto. The aim of the Vocdoni Platform is to create a set of tools and infrastructure to empower organizations and civil society on the activity of governance and decision making in a self-sovereignty, censorship-resistant and decentralized way.